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At our Balanced Healthcare offices we value our patients and optimal clinical outcome is our focus. We offer a non-operative comprehensive care for spine, orthopedic, sports, traumatic and neurological related disorders. We strive to minimize patients' pain, suffering, and maximize their function and recovery. We employ state of the art medical technology combined with complimentary medicine to achieve our goals. Evidence based medicine is used to guide our clinical practice. Ongoing medical education and research through publications are vigorously maintained to keep our medical knowledge and skills up to date.

A debate has recently ensued regarding which is better: conventional medicine or natural therapy. A combination of the two is likely the best solution. Conventional Medicine is traditional health care. This can include normal practices such as office visits, and prescription drugs, and surgical procedures. To deny the importance of physician care would be to deny common sense as well as centuries of proven success. Allowing a doctor (fully qualified in human physiology) to examine your health conditions and suggest proper treatment solutions is crucial. Not doing so constitutes throwing caution to the wind and is, for all intents and purposes, the equivalent of telling yourself and those who care about you that you do not care about yourself. Conventional drug treatment is a different story. With the influx of pharmaceutical companies distributing a new drug seemingly every day, it is hard to tell whether the goal is money or healing. The side effects often seem to outweigh the benefits. With that said, many medicines indeed have proven themselves over time as safe and effective. Pain reliever such as aspirin and prescription drugs such as insulin have been changing (even saving) lives. Natural Therapy has gained a lot of attention of late although it dates back centuries as well. The opinions surrounding it are quite polarized. Some believe it a waste of time and money, perhaps even a hoax, while others consider it a miracle. The theory behind natural therapy is that natural herbs and other non-artificial means to wellness are the most beneficial in the long term. The fact that people are increasingly making healthy nutrition choices such as consuming whole grains and avoiding trans-fats is a testament to the power of natural therapy. There is also a rise in nutritional supplement intake, and a plethora of homeopathic remedies (both old and new) are in our midst. The Perfect Balance At the end of the day, no matter how educated we become, there is no end-all solution to health. Each day experts strive to demystify the human body, and there is evidence that genetics and even the psyche play significant roles in our physical wellbeing.

A balanced combination of both conventional medicine and natural therapy is best. Which specific types of each are right for you is, as it has always been, up to you.

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